Esthederm/ lift&repair kit

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Esthederm Cellular Concentrate Fundamental Serum Skin Perfector is a cell reprogramming serum that boosts the effectiveness of the creams you apply after using this serum. It works by reprogramming the cells’ basic functions to help them regain their natural abilities and rebalance cellular energy and can be used alone to enhance the well balanced skin or in combination with other products to boost them. This can be used to help correct excessive sebum production, dehydration, lucklustre complexion and changes to the structural proteins. The skin is perfectly balanced and youthful looking and the cells’ vital functions are restored.

Esthederm Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches are instant acting patches that will immediately revive your eye area. Soaked in powerful active ingredients these eye patches have the ability to reduce eye bags and dark circles, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and provide an immediate lifting effect. They are perfect to use after a bad night sleep or before an important event since they immediately easy signs of fatigue leaving you with a firmer younger look. Suitable for all skin types they can be used as an SOS treatment throughout the year or as an intensive treatment for six weeks.

Esthederm Active Repair Eye Contour Cream is a global eye contour care cream that fights wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness and is suitable for all skins, including sensitive. The skin is more luminous and bright, fines lines are smoothed and it’s decongesting action visibly reduces puffiness, fighting the fatigued look. The fragile eye contour area is strengthened and regenerated for a youthful look.

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